Mineral fiber insulation board

Rock-based MINERAL FIBER INSULATION is comprised of Basalt rock (volcanic rock) and Recycled Slag which are melted and spun into...More

ISODEX Polyiso Board

ADEX ISODEX Boards are made of polyisocyanurate foam insulation sandwiched between 2-layers of alkali-treated glass fibre membranes. ISODEX Polyiso Board...More

Cement board

CEMENT BOARD panels are a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh that provides an exceptionally hard,...More

XPS Insulation

XPS INSULATION (Extruded polystyrene) insulation is a rigid, closed cell structure with unique properties such as low thermal conductivity, high...More


ADEX GD-CONTOUR Board is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation starter-strip with a ‘geometrically designed’ (GD) drainage pattern for installation around...More


ADEX EPS-FLAT insulation is a molded expanded polystyrene insulation board for exterior walls. It is the key insulating component for...More


ADEX EPS-GD insulation is an expanded polystyrene insulation board with a ‘geometrically designed’ (GD) drainage pattern on the back side....More