ADEX PARGEX MIX is a readily mixed coating with the exact GU cement proportion. It is specially designed to parge...More

Graphex Coat

ADEX GRAPHEXCOAT is an ultra-durable, graphene-reinforced and acrylic polymer-based compound, mixed with Portland cement. ADEX GRAPHEXCOAT is the main component of...More

Surfaglaze XT

ADEX SURFAGLAZE XT is an exterior, acrylic-based surfacing compound used over ADEX basecoats and approved substrates to obtain a smooth,...More


ADEX SURFAGLAZE is an interior, acrylic-based surfacing compound used to obtain a smooth, ready to paint surface. Interior applications. Ready-mixed...More


NIVELEX basecoat is a 100% acrylic polymer-based, fibre-reinforced compound, mixed with Portland cement. NIVELEX basecoat is used to level concrete...More