EIFS is an acronym that stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. It is a non-load bearing, composite cladding system that consists of a liquid applied weather resistant barrier (LA-WRB)(air and/or vapour barrier); an insulation board that also ensures drainage; a base coat integrally reinforced with fibreglass mesh; a primer and a textured protective finish coat.

Price varies on the type of Adex system chosen as well as on the characteristics specific to the project. Consequently, it is unfeasible to provide a broad-spectrum price per square foot. We recommend that you consult with a qualified contractor for a free estimate of your project. We can assure you that Adex systems are considered very cost effective based on the return on investment provided over the years.

Adex can put you in touch with contractors in your area in accordance to the scale of your project. Contact us at 1-800-900-ADEX (2339), or write to us at info@adex.ca specifying your location and providing a brief description of your project.

No, unfortunately, there is no such accreditation in existence for contractors.

We firmly believe that the membrane is an essential part of the system.  Membranes offer total air barrier continuity and prevent air infiltration. They allow for better moisture management and protect the structure against water infiltration damage. A tight building is much more energy efficient and comfortable. Furthermore, the membrane allows for the usage of adhesive thus preventing the need for mechanical attachments. Mechanical attachments perforate the building paper  or house wrap rendering it less efficient.

Our materials are guaranteed 5 to 10 years depending on the system installed.

Our 300 standard colours give you access to a wide range of hues. It is also possible to replicate the colour of your choice through special order.

Our product finishes are on display in our stores and through our distributors. You can also ask your applicator/contractor to provide you with a sample of the colour you have chosen.

Adex does not recommend homeowners to proceed with the installation themselves. Although the structure of the systems is simple and straightforward to understand, the installation is more complex and technical. Specifically, expertise is needed when dealing with the junctions of the different materials and  doors and windows. Moreover, the skills of a trade plasterer are required to ensure that a finish coat is applied properly.

Adex acrylic coatings require minimal maintenance under normal conditions. It is important however that you occasionally inspect the exterior walls to verify the condition of the finish and, more specifically, of the sealants. This will ensure your Adex coatings continue to look great and remain energy-efficient for a long time. Download maintenance guide.

Few, if any, are able to offer as many desirable advantages as Adex systems do. Energy efficiency and virtual unlimited design flexibility top the list of Adex advantages over other wall claddings. Moreover, the savings made possible with these advantages provide for the best return on investment.

It is possible and simple to repaint the Adex coating on your home. If you are looking to refresh the look or change the colour of your home, we recommend the use of the liquid coating Reviflex.  However, if you are also looking to bridge ‘hairline’ cracks in the finish; we recommend the use of Elastomex.

Although it is preferable to install the products during hot or temperate climates, Adex systems are comprised of materials that can be installed at any time of year. By using proper protective measures against the harshness of the weather during a winter installation, you need not worry about damaging effects of the cold on your wall systems.

We have systems that comply with requirements regarding fire resistance and non-combustibility in all building codes; be it at the national, provincial or municipal level. Given that every project may have distinct specifications, we suggest you communicate with our representative at 1-866-900-ADEX or through info@adex.ca so that we may assist you.

Yes, a number of areas on a building require the use of expansion joints to accommodate natural structural movement. The position of expansion joints are indicated in each of our systems specifications documents available on our website and in our catalogue.

No. An aesthetic reveal may never be substituted for an expansion joint.

The thickness of insulation will depend on the effective thermal resistance sought. Insulation that is fastened to the exterior of a building, even at a minimal thickness, will reduce thermal bridges and be effective and efficient. Our geometrically designed insulation is available in 2 to 5 inches thick.

According to the Best Practice Guide: Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, published by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC); “The expected longevity of properly manufactured and installed EIFS is of a minimal period of 30 years”.

Yes. The lamina comprised of the base coat, fibreglass mesh, primer and finish coat is 100% vapour permeable.

Yes they can. For assistance on LEED certification please contact our LEED Accredited Professional at 1-866-900-ADEX or at info@adex.ca.

Traditional stucco systems usually consist of a cementitious coat applied on galvanized mesh that rests on a series of weatherproof membranes applied to a wood substrate. EIF system is composed of weather-resistive membranes that are flexible at openings. These membranes are continuous across the substrate ensuring their effectiveness as air and vapour barriers. The system also includes geometrically designed insulation that reduces thermal bridges and allows for better moisture management. The lamina completes the system.

Yes. We include recycled materials in our “liquid” products.

Yes, since 1998, we have carried out institutional, commercial, industrial and residential building assemblies that have met the strict CCMC evaluations. You may obtain a copy of our evaluation report CCMC 12913-R at this address:   http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/services/irc/ccmc.html