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The ADEX-VLS system is a cavity wall assembly incorporating polyisocyanurate insulation/sheathing boards and a high-quality air/moisture membrane to protect the substrate. Insulation boards are mechanically fastened over furring strips and coated with a lamina, consisting of; an acrylic basecoat, glass fibre reinforced mesh, primer and a 100% acrylic finish coat.


  • The system is designed around the rainscreen “cavity wall” principle that moves the finish system away from the substrate to create a drainage plane and air space to help manage moisture.
  • This system is ideal for renovation because it can be installed on existing furrings.


  • Seamless substrate protection. (when HYDROFLEX membrane is used)
  • Non-combustible basecoat.
  • Unlimited colour selection.
  • Vented drainage cavity.


  • Seals the building envelope and ensures seamless protection of the substrate.
  • Allows for the drainage and quick drying of incidental moisture.
  • Architectural design flexibility.
  • Polyisocyanurate board resists damage from impact and moisture.

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