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The ADEX-ICF system is a water-managed exterior insulation and finish system applied over an ICF (insulated concrete forms) construction without the use of mechanical fasteners. This system includes a second layer of EPS-GD, a secondary liquid-applied weather resistive barrier (LA-WRB) and a vertical drainage plane. These characteristics improve the tightness of the envelope and prevents potential damage caused by air and moisture infiltration.


  • ADEX EPS-GD insulation provides a uniform blanket of continuous insulation (CI); reduces energy use and assists with leveling of the ICF surface.
  • The EPS-GD insulation provides a 10mm drainage plane to ensure evacuation of incidental moisture.
  • The liquid applied weather resistive barrier (LA-WRB) provides seamless protection of the building envelope against air and moisture infiltration.
  • ADEX Transition membranes allows the system to be easily connected to other components within the assembly.


  • EPS-GD Continuous insulation (CI).
  • Non-combustible basecoat.
  • Dual barrier.
  • Unlimited colour selection.


  • Continuous insulation; reduces energy use.
  • Helps level the ICF wall surface.
  • Seals the building envelope and ensures seamless protection.
  • Allows for the drainage of incidental moisture.
  • Lightweight, durable and flexible.
  • Architectural design flexibility.

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