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EIFS Tape & Primer

ADEX EIFS TAPE is a 30-mil SBS modified rubberized asphalt “transition membrane” with a polyester top surface. The polyester surface enhances the adhesion to trowel-on membranes and base coat materials when applied directly to its surface. EIFS TAPE is used to seal window and door openings, over expansion joints, where dissimilar substrates meet and anywhere else water infiltration may be of concern.

  • Self healing when penetrated with mechanical fasteners
  • Requires a surface-primer to enhance adhesion
  • Suitable above-grade substrates:
    • Plywood,
    • OSB (oriented strand board),
    • Exterior grade gypsum board,
    • Glass-mat faced gypsum board,
    • Styrene and polyethylene surfaces.
    • Concrete or masonry walls.

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Technical sheet

S.D.S. (Primer)

S.D.S. (Tape)

EIFS Tape & Primer


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