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ADEX STENCILEX is an exciting new finish effect that offers unlimited creativity in the hands of professional designers.  Using customized laser-cut stencils and specialized combinations of ADEX Finish Coat, designers are able to create unique repeating patterns with appealing textural depth.

  • Allows you to create a custom pattern for your client and project
  • Installed using multiple layers of Adex Finish Coat to create both depth and contrast
  • Available in all Adex 300 Standard colours as well as custom colours (upon request)
  • Exterior or Interior application
  • Compatible with most ADEX Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Download the STENCILEX Design Guide to begin creating your first pattern

Files to download

Stencilex brochure

Stencilex design guide

Stencilex examples

Installation instructions



Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Permeable

Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Retarder