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Graphex Coat

ADEX GRAPHEXCOAT is an ultra-durable, graphene-reinforced and acrylic polymer-based compound, mixed with Portland cement. ADEX GRAPHEXCOAT is the main component of a system for new and existing EIFS applications where high impact-resistance is needed or for areas that are prone to Woodpecker damage.

  • Two-coat application
    • GRAPHEXCOAT-A; thick aggregate coat.
    • GRAPHEXCOAT-B; smooth, skim coat.
  • “Wet” polymer based
  • Graphene-reinforced
  • Mixed 1:1 (by weight) with Portland Cement
  • Vapour permeable
  • Woodpecker-resistant

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Technical Sheet

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10 year warranty


Graphex Coat


Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Permeable

Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Retarder