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STRATOPUR Hydrophobic Coating

ADEX STRATOPUR is an acrylic-based hydrophobic and elastomeric roll-on wall coating.  STRATOPUR is specifically designed to both increase the water-repellency and renew the appearance of existing stucco, cementitious substrates and acrylic surfaces.  Surfaces coated with STRATOPUR offer enhanced self-cleaning properties, increased durability, and heightened resistance to exterior soiling and pollutants.




  1. Hydrophobic:
    • Enhanced water beading and water-repellency properties.
    • Self-cleaning properties.
    • Excellent resistance to algae and mildew.
  2. Acrylic Polymer-based:
    • Excellent compatibility to other Adex coating products.
    • Easy clean up of tools and surfaces.
    • Low VOC, non-toxic, and safe to handle.
    • Excellent UV Resistance.
  3. Elastomeric:
    • Highly-flexible and able to bridge ‘hairline’ cracks in stucco and other cementitious substrates.
  4. Vapour Permeable:
    • The coating is ‘breathable’ allowing wet materials to dry naturally.
  5. Roll or Spray-on:
    • Easy application over a variety of substrates.

Watch a video on the performance of StratoPur –> StratoPur Video


  • Great for retrofitting dated and tired-looking substrates.
  • The perfect add-on for maintaining clean, smooth building facades.
  • For exterior and interior applications.

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STRATOPUR Hydrophobic Coating


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