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Hydroflex GUARD

HYDROFLEX GUARD is a flexible, polymer and cement based fluid-applied vapour barrier membrane providing excellent protection against air and moisture intrusion. The membrane is suitable for use with all ADEX exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) installations and ADEX STANDARD MESH is embedded into the membrane to help dictate proper thickness.

  • Trowel-applied.
  • Mixed with Portland cement.
  • Optional layer of embedded mesh to gauge proper application thickness.
  • Vapour Resisting Barrier (low permeability).
  • Air and Moisture Barrier Component.
  • Can be installed underneath a variety of wall claddings.
  • Suitable above-grade substrates:
    • Exterior grade gypsum board,
    • Glass-mat faced gypsum board,
    • Concrete or masonry walls.

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Hydroflex GUARD


Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Permeable

Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Retarder