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ADEX basecoat

ADEX BASECOAT is a 100% acrylic polymer-based compound, mixed with Portland cement. ADEX BASECOAT is used to embed ADEX reinforcing mesh to create the lamina for all ADEX EIFS installations. It is also used to adhere insulation boards over a variety of ADEX Membranes and approved substrates, and as a skim coat to level concrete and masonry surfaces.

  • “Wet” polymer based.
  • Basecoat and Adhesive.
  • Mixed 1:1 (by weight) with Portland Cement.
  • Vapour permeable.
  • Application thickness of 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm (1/16” to 3/32”) per coat.
  • Meets the CAN/ULC S114 non-combustibility standard.

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ADEX basecoat


Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Permeable

Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Retarder