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Polyisocyanurate boards

POLYISO BOARDS are made of polyisocyanurate foam sandwiched between 2-layers of alkali-treated glass fibre membranes.
ADEX POLYISO BOARDS are used as a thermal insulation for exterior walls and as a backing panel for acrylic coatings in the ADEX-VLS finish system.

  • Rigid and lightweight panels.
  • Preformed panels; speed up construction (versus traditional stucco).
  • Minimum thickness: 14 mm (9/16”).
  • Meets ASTM C-1289 and CAN/ULC S 704.
  • R 6.0/inch (RSI 1.05) tested at 25°C [75F°].
  • Requires mechanical fastening.
Polyisocyanurate boards