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NIVELEX basecoat is a 100% acrylic polymer-based, fibre-reinforced compound, mixed with Portland cement. NIVELEX basecoat is used to level concrete and masonry surfaces in preparation to receive an ADEX Finish Coat and is used to embed reinforcing mesh over extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards.

  • “Wet” polymer based.
  • Basecoat and Leveling coat.
  • Mixed 2:1 (by weight) with Portland Cement.
  • Vapour permeable.
  • Application thickness of 2.4 mm to 6.4mm (3/32” to 1/4″) per coat.
  • Low shrinkage when drying.
  • Basecoat for the ADEX-HC and ADEX-DIREX systems

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Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Permeable

Air & Moisture Barrier, Vapour Retarder